Laurel Hill Recordings and its owner professional sound engineer John M. Miller

Laurel Hill Recordings is owned and operated by John M. Miller, a professional freelance location sound recordist with over 20 years of experience working in the New York/Philadelphia/Washington D.C. market. Some film credits include:

  • The American Experience (PBS)
    • “George Eastman – The Wizard of Photography” (2000)
    • “Tupperware” (2002) (Peabody Award)
  • Nature (PBS)
    • “Dogs: the Early Years” (2001)
  • Independent:
    • “Rittenhouse Square” (2006) (Max Raab Productions)
    • “Zeferino: the Voice of a Castrato" (2006) (Princeton University)

John’s preoccupation with recording ambient sound began decades before he ever set foot in Venice. As a curious 10 year-old already fascinated with the dynamics of sound, John created his first stereo recording: the sound of passing cars. Using a portable cassette (“borrowed” from Mom), and two jury-rigged microphones, he was able to make the sound of passing traffic move from left to right in a pair of old headphones ... and a sound recordist was born.

Thirty years later, inspiration would again spontaneously find its mark in John —not standing in front of his childhood home, but while strolling through the streets of Venice, Italy. It was his first trip to the Italian city. On a whim, during an afternoon of sightseeing, he brought his DAT deck and rolled two tapes. He was amazed by what he heard when he listened to the playback — the quality of the existing sound there was pristine. No automobiles or buses. No white noise usually found in a city that size. All the subtle sounds that would normally be swallowed up by a city were clearly heard there. He couldn’t wait to return, next time, properly equipped and prepared to record all of Venice’s aural landscape.

Subsequent trips back to Venice yielded a massive 36 hours worth of recordings that eventually became The Venice Sound Effects Library. The library — the first in a proposed series of sound effects libraries to be produced by the Laurel Hill Recordings — is a compilation of the most interesting and useful cuts recorded by John during his many visits to the canal city.

John is planning to record other locations/cities and release his recordings as he has with his Venice tapes. He is also available for contract recording, should you have a particular recording need for your project. Contact John today.